I Learn By Making Things.



Every person has a different starting point. Some are busy doing new things while others have discovered a fondness for altering the world around them. I think it begins with inspiration to invent things. The spark that turned me into making things is when I immersed myself in a Maker Space in Amsterdam. This Maker Space gave me the access to many means of production. It inspired me to become involved and move from zero to maker. I learn to make things by making things! . You can always start small, and when you are ready, you have access to the right tools to take whatever you are doing to the next level.


I keep myself busy doing stuff. From HTML5 & CSS3 to 3d prototyping to programming in Xcode. I take risks and learned from failed attempts. I keep trying even when I am stucked but I take my work seriously without taking myself seriously.

I am a video editor.close

Some people are readers, other people are viewers. Video is versatile and available 24 hours a day. when I make videos, I like them to be timely, involved, informative and inspiring. I love to make documentary on adapting a poem into a format which utilizes public space and allows to reach a much broader audience. Allowing public access to appreciate art, far removed from the confines of galleries.

Check out my video channel. click on the icon (redirects to youtube channel).

Metawear by Mbientlab Metawear

The MetaWear platform makes it simple to connect any product to a Smartphone using the Bluetooth Low Energy link. It gives me an opportunity to start programming in Xcode.


From Tinkercad to Blender, they allow for simple but yet intricate modelling possibilities. Possibilities are endless with some good creativity and planning.


I love stickers because they inspire a reaction. Stickers are part of the street furniture. It isn’t just about what is on them, but also how they are integrated into the environment. It is hard to believe that paper and vinyl with adhesive backing can do so much. Sticker bombing, sticker slapping, slap tagging, and sticker tagging. check my Tumblr page for other stickers.

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