Hello! Thanks for clicking through. I am elwebman, from Spain currently living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I love to look a bit further than the tip of my nose, enjoying everything about the gadget/tech/pc/IT/dev world. I think it’s incredibly important to stay on top of technology, try out new stuff. I am multilingual with an eye on details and like to show what I am learning.

  • I use imagination and tools to create things

    I am part of the maker movement. Whatever it is for design and manufacturing in 3D or for use with a laser cutter, I use tools that give me the freedom to create whatever I want. I am maker and love to hang out in makerspace. I learn best by doing.

  • I love Web Design

    expertise: HTML5 & CSS3. A bit of jquery and of course material design. Photoshop, Illustrator and dreamweaver are my best companions. Innovation in education. Practice first, the theory will follow.

    Mobile, Tablets (iOS / Android/ Windows Phone), and your regular laptop. Everything I do has a friendly environmental impact.

  • Bold and intentional

    This site has been created with the help of materializecss, a modern responsive front-end framework based on Material Design by Google. The design emphasises on user actions. the content becomes immediately apparent. It is bold, allows for great graphic and is intentional.

    This framework created by the materializecss is really easy to work with. It is basically a single responsive site that allows tweaking for each platform.


    Learn, Create, Make, Share: I hold a page where I share my latest work such as stickers. I make videos, sometimes documentary, sometimes crazy.. I tweet and keep an image blog where I share my latest ideas. Marketing great new ideas and projects that touches art and reaches people where it matters. The public becomes part of a spontaneous performance.

  • Learn, Build, Participate

    Things I did this summer: IFAC is the acronym of InternatioNal Festival of Art and Construction, it took place in August 2015 in the Eco Village of Bergen, (The Netherlands). IFAC is a space where exchange creative work and party atmosphere goes along. Around 250 people from around the world with some relation to art and architecture whom will live together for 10 days, where debate, work and interchange experiences in a context of analysis and recovery of rural areas.

  • Languages

    Speak, read and write 4 languages: english, spanish, french and dutch.

  • Interviewed by 3d-Molding.com

    check out this interview made by 3d-Molding.com. Click here if you want to know more about 3d-Molding.com.

elwebman.nl - sticker in Antwerpen

I live in Amsterdam and the city inspires me to make things.

I am a multilingual (speak / read 4 languages ) with an eye on detail.

I have a passion for design and like to combine this knowledge to create things. I think that innovation is not only creating new stuff but combining existing things and give them a new meaning.

I love to engage with media and technology( like 3D printing ) and remain focused on gaining deep knowledge and expertise. When I first discovered 3D printing , I instantly felt in love with it. it empowers me ,freeing me from the limitation of traditional manufacturing.

I create and sell designs on Redbubble.

This is the most affordable and easiest way to get started. It’s essentially like creating a piece of art and sharing it around. Nothing is forever, all is temporary.

I like to make a presence on the web and beyond. The way to do it is by working with people and try to reach them where it matters most. Being creative with new media and use it to develop a presence.

I am from the web generation and love creating physical things as well as put pixels on screens.

Oh, yes…and like many people in Amsterdam, I like biking and adore to use the canals around me for recreation and much more.